Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sadly I am not doing well keeping up with my Learn Something New Everyday class. It is really hard some days. I have written down things I have learned but have not made the pages for each day yet. I do want to share something I have learned over the past several days. 2009 has been a very hard year for me as far as grand-parents go. One of my grandmothers passed away in February after suffering a stroke on January 1st.
My other grandmother was in the hospital for several weeks later in the spring, and we thought at one point we might lose her.
Now, my grandfather, who practically raised me, is not doing well. This is a man I love with all my heart, and whom I only see through rose colored glasses. The last two weeks have been full of pain and fear of losing him. And yet as I have prayed and sought the Lord, He is his filling me with peace and acceptance that can only come from Him. I can't change the circumstances, but God has reminded me that I am never alone and that He is enough.
My grandfather is not alone either. Jesus is with Him and if it is his time to go Home, I have the assurance that he will be ushered into Heaven into the Lord's waiting arms.

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