Friday, November 27, 2009

Here is one scrapbook page and one photo page refill, filled front and back, with pictures of my niece's wedding. Of course I uploaded them in the opposite order from what I meant to. One day I will get the blogging stuff figured out. Anyway, these are pictures of my niece's wedding that I am scrapping for my mom for Christmas. She was unable to be at the wedding because she was staying with my grandmother who was in the hospital at the time. (My family doesn't let family members stay in the hospital alone.)
I have so many pictures to scrap for my mom that I decided to "scrap" some of them in photo page refills. I slip pictures into most slots and scrap one or two of the slots. For example, in the middle picture above I put the word Poppa in one of the slots. The rest are filled with pictures that have my Poppa in them. These are very special pictures because they were taken in April and Pop passed away in September. Please keep me in your prayers because losing him has been very very hard on me. He was a very special grandfather, and I miss him so very much!
The top picture of the scrapbook page are pictures that I couldn't cut down to a 3.5 x 5 size or they were left over after filling the photo refill page. I used chocolate chip, and baja breeze cardstock (retired). The designer paper I used on the refill page is also retired. It is left over from when I scrapped these pictures the first time for my niece herself. You know, I haven't scrapped these pictures for myself yet. Oh, well, I'll get them for myself eventually.

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