Thursday, October 15, 2009

I made this card for my step-dad. He does a lot for my family and me. He can fix anything and enjoys doing it. I am very grateful for that because my husband is not a handyman at all.
I didn't make this card for David because of all the things he repairs or builds for us. I made it for something else he did for us. My grandfather, to whom I was extremely close to, passed away last month. He was 92, but it doesn't matter. I still wasn't ready for him to go. He was more like a father than a grandfather to me. Anyway, my step-dad David helped us all pay for Poppa's funeral. Most of it was paid for, but there was still around $2000 left. My step-dad, David, helped my sister, nephew, and myself pay the remaining amount. What is so special about him helping is that David is a serious tightwad, yet he showed how much he loves us by helping out. Actions do speak louder than words.

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  1. VERY SPECIAL CARD.. AND VERY beautiful! :) your super sweet!
    with a grin,